Perrier Company Case Study

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Intermediate Integrated Project
Perrier Company


Subject: Project of implementation of a new design product into Perrier Company

I. Introduction 6
1. Definition : Intellectual Property Rights 6
2. Main ideas of Intellectual Property 6
3. Categories of Intellectual property 7
4. Other types of Intellectual property 9
a) Geographic Indications (GI) 9
b) Industrial Designs 9
c) Trade Secrets 9
1. A bit of history 10
2. Current situation of Perrier Company 11
3. Perrier products presentation 11
The classical: unflavored sparkling water 11
The news: naturally flavored 13
Limited edition bottles 13
III. Analysis of Perrier Company 14
1. Internal analysis 14
2. External analysis 14
a) Macro environment 14
b) Micro environment 15
3. Financial analysis 17
4. SWOT analysis 17
5. SWOT matrix 18
6. Perrier
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The protection conferred by copyright and related rights ( sometimes called "neighbors" ) also extends to the rights of performers (actors, singers, musicians, etc.) , producers of phonograms (sound recordings ) and broadcasting organizations. The main social purpose of protection of copyright and related rights is to encourage and reward creative work .

Figure 2 : Intellectual Property Rights

On the previous scheme, we can see the different categories for both Copyright and Industrial Property Rights, one more concentrated with art and an other with manufacturing
Categories of Intellectual property

As we see before, they are two mains types of intellectual property : Copyright and Industrial property. But this two sections are also divided in many others parts that you can see in the following

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