How Did Perikles Influence Ancient Athens

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Perikles had a profound influence over Athens in his time. The impact that Perikles had on ancient Athens was so great that he leaded Athens to be the most prosperous city state in ancient Greece. Perikles influence and impact weren’t just as a politician but also as a Strategoi (General) who had many battles and had established many colonies all over ancient Greece.
One of the many achievements that Perikles had made was the building program. The building program was one of the key factors that contributed towards making ancient Athens the most prosperous city state in ancient Greece this is because the building program helped create employment to the citizen in Athens and it also contributed with the economic state of the city. The program helped Perikles rise in power and also been seen as
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So Perikles delivered his last speech to the citizens to bring them to his side and after a while he was forgiven by the citizen and elected as strategoi by the citizen of Athens again this just proves on how influential and impactful Perikles is he could even turn an angry mob onto his side. It is said Perikles lived during the first two and a half years of the War, according to Thucydides his death was the worst thing that could have happened for Athens, since all of his successors were inferior to him in every way possible, they preferred to motivate all the bad habits of the people and followed an unstable policy and they also tried to be popular rather than useful to the Athenian

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