Performance Enhancing Drugs Essay

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David Stone

Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Athletes

There has been a debate of epic proportion for the past few decades on whether professional athletes from around the world have the right to use performance-enhancing drugs. As for now these world athletes are not permitted to use most of the performance-enhancing drugs that are available by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The athletes are randomly tested by their professional leagues. Each American league has their own method of dealing with athletes who abuse banned substances. These methods of punishment can range from a fine to expulsion from the league. The use of illegal drugs to enhance performance is called "doping." "What doping involves is misusing medicinal
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With so much money involved in professional sports, "the elite athletes can hire top medical and scientific people to make sure nothing bad happens, and you can't catch them. The bottom line is that only careless and stupid people ever get caught in drug test" (Gladwell). With athletes persistently finding ways to "beat the test" many are nervous to see the tests giving up.
Many people believe that the increase in doping within sports is due to the media. "[Athletes] now have to cope with ever tighter constraints imposed by the media and with economic necessities which are more and more pressing every day. In these circumstances the decision to take drugs is often taken passively. Sportsmen and women are, in a sense, acting under pressure from an environment which practically makes doping essential" (European Commission). With the huge sums of money involved in being a professional athlete and the stress of being a star in a sport the use of unlawful drugs will continue. Kerridge, co-editor of Writing the Environment, published earlier this year, says that the "characteristics of this attitude is that sport involves a relentless pressure for a kind of growth, so the standards always have to be pushed higher and higher" (Barnard). The media will continue their unyielding coverage of sports and the athletes involved causing the competition to rise higher

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