Performance Enhancing Drugs Used By Athletes Essay

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Performance Enhancing Drugs
As people go through life they will be faced with making decisions. These decisions can sometimes be hard to make as we must decide if the choice being made is good or bad. When faced with an ethical dilemma one must look at both options and determine what is right from wrong. Performance enhancing drugs is an issue that many athletes will be faced with. I will look over this ethical dilemma and how my Christian worldview would be influenced. The morals we live our life based on plays a role in determining which choice we make. I will examine this case and how the decision made can be effected by the views of Christian worldview, core beliefs, and how the outcome will be effected by our worldview. Making an ethical decision is based on Christian worldview, core values, and what we expect the outcome to be.
Ethical Dilemma
The case that I am presenting is the use of performance enhancing drugs used by athletes. Paul who is a very talented athlete trains hard on and off the field. He has earned a starting position on his team. Paul has noticed that other teammates are becoming more muscular and faster at the sport than he is. His fellow teammates are using performance enhancing drugs, also known as “doping”. Paul is now faced with losing his starting position, and is being tempted by other teammates to use enhancing drugs. Some athletes turn to the use of doping drugs when participating in a sporting event (Commission, 2003). Some may…

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