Perception Of A Perception Check Essay examples

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People experience many different kinds of emotions, and in order for people to clearly recognize how other people are feeling, they must ask questions in order to completely understand the situation without causing a large amount of tension. When conflict occurs between two people, one must be careful to not cause additional tension between the two parties. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through perception checks. The purpose of a perception check is to clarify nonverbal behavior by stating the behavior, giving possible interpretations, then finally listening and paraphrasing what was actually happening. Perception checks helped me to effectively avoid conflict with my family by discovering what was actually going on in their lives, and allowed me to show them that I care about their feelings. I completed my first perception check at my house with my fifteen year old sister, Kylee. She came into the kitchen and I noticed that she started to slam the broom and chairs around. This all happened a few minutes before the football game that she was supposed to be cheering at. I told Kylee that I noticed she was slamming chairs, and then asked if she was upset because her cheer pictures had turned out badly, or if she was just angry that my mom was making her do her chores before the football game. She talked for several minutes, and I said that I understood that she didn’t do very well on a quiz, her cheer pictures turned out badly, and she didn’t really…

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