Perception, Cognition, And Perception Essay

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Sensation in its most fundamental form is kenned as the ability to "feel" through our senses. Those senses being: visual perception, aurally perceiving, taste, touch and smell. When these senses are externally stimulated they are transmitted to our brain for perception. Perception in its most fundamental form can be described as the way we internalize the constant stimulants we receive throughout everyday life.
Our perception of the world around us opens doors to the conditions of existence. We, as humans, use our sensors to generalize and categorize everything around us. We absorb and categorize our surroundings into things and feelings (Hibberd 2014). An apple is an apple, a bike is a bike - but when it comes to dissecting the events and happenings that affect our personal psyche - this is when what we see and feel bypasses basic levels of cognition and is open for perception.
Cognition and perception though similar differ in my eyes. I see cognition as acquiring knowledge from stimulants and processing that information. I see perception as what our own personal outtake and reaction is to the cognitive information that we receive. “[…] the stability of an objective conception of reality depends on the accessibility of its subjective roots. Such a statement presupposes that perception is not just conceived as a sensorial depiction of what happens to exist out there, an on the spot imprint of the stimulus context […]” (Ellis, Newton 2005). With this being said, the…

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