Essay about Perception And Emotion Of Music

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Perceived and Felt Emotion in Response to Genres of Music Music has the power to both convey and evoke emotion. Emotion consists of six components: attention, memory, subjective feeling, physiology, expressive behavior, and environmental changes. We then separate emotion into two categories: perceived and felt. Perceived and felt emotion differ in that perceived emotion is what they take in objectively as oppose to what they actually experience (Kawakami, Furukawa, & Okanoya, 2014). Studies have shown that the primary reason for listening to music lies in its emotional functions (Song, Dixon, & Pearce, 2015). According to researcher Song, Dixon, and Pearce (2015), “The ability to identify emotional content is established at a very early age, and people engage with music in different contexts (e.g., travel, everyday routines) and for different purposes (e.g., distraction, mood regulation)” (p. 472).
Perceived and Induced Emotion This research analyzed the relationship amongst saw and prompted feeling, and assessed the unwavering quality of feeling from music and also singular contrasts in feeling judgments. Most of the past studies on music and feeling manage established and film music, yet as past results may not be appropriate to different types, this work extends the study to Western well known music (Song et al., 2015). Furthermore, two models of feelings, the downright and dimensional models, were utilized as a part of their tests to structure the examinations and…

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