Music: The Influence Of Listening To Music

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There are two ways that people are exposed to music: by simply listening and understanding it, and through learning, playing or composing it.
Akiyama and Sutoo (2004) recognized that the spontaneously hypertensive rats they experimented on reacted when exposed to music by increasing dopamine levels in their brains. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that can make a person feel motivated and increase their motor functions which influences a person’s emotions, mood, and how well they perform tasks (Akiyama & Sutoo, 2004). Their study showed that listening to music also increased the serum calcium levels and lowered blood pressure (Akiyama & Sutoo, 2004).
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A student might find that listening to music blocks out other distractions so that they can study, another student might find that the music itself is a distraction and prevents them from focusing properly. Brownley, Hackney and McMurray (1995) proved that when listening to music during intense exercising the subjects taking part in the experiment had increased cortisol levels; the untrained subjects also experienced a significant positive affect to voluntary exhaustion. The study also mentioned that with trained runners fast music had a negative effect to voluntary exhaustion during high intensity exercise (Brownley, Hackney, & McMurray, 1995). The human body reacts to music and can change how we perceive exercise and other …show more content…
(Areni & Kim, 1993, conclusion)
By playing specific music many stores affect shopping habits of their clients. Subliminal influence and propaganda have been used by governments and corporations alike. Companies are often prepared devote large amounts of time and resources selecting what music is right for their stores in order to increase sales (Borzykowski, 2007). It often goes unnoticed but music even has an effect on how we spend money. The choice of music also varies on the establishment and its clientele.
Music is an expression and thus can be interpreted differently by the listener. Every person will be affected in different ways by different types of music based on previous life experiences, physiology, and their understanding of the music. While the studies mentioned within this paper elude to some consistent effects there is no absolute proof that specific music will have specific reactions. It can be deduced that music does indeed create reactions in the mental, intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of a person but the extent to which those reactions will affect a person are not easily

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