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Analyse the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation (M1)

Introduction: In my assignment I am going to analyse the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation. In order to analyse this I am going to use a case study. The case study that I chose is about a robbery that happened at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit. There were 6 suspects involved in the robbery which made a hole through the walls to access the vault. The Metropolitan Police said that they received an alarm but apparently the police didn’t respond to it. The robbery ended up with 72 boxes being opened.
The Police made a mistake in this case when they received the alarm signal and they didn’t treat it as is supposed to be which is to send a patrol car to
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Also the police service is now aware that they need to make improvements to show the public they are efficient and they deserved to get paid to protect and serve the community. Another important thing that the police learned from this is that they have to be aware during holidays of robbers because they know the security is not that high and chances of robbery to happen are high.
If the people that committed the theft are found guilty they should be sentenced with more than 7 years that the Theft Act says because besides the robbery itself they created a plan and though of what tools they would need in other words their actions were premeditate. Another thing that the governors should do is to think what would they done if people were inside based on their history or if they have previous criminal record.
In conclusion I had analysed the impact of two pieces of crime and disorder legislation using the case study in which I have explained what the police service done wrong, how did their action affect the public, what the police could learned from their mistake and what the governors should do to the

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