People's Belief in Ghost Essay

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People’s Belief in Ghost

Have you ever walked down a dark alley at midnight? If so, maybe you started hearing strange sounds or voices without seeing someone there. Suddenly, a dog starts barking at nothing and you felt a cold shiver down your backbone for no apparent reason. If you experienced these things, it could be a good reason to believe in ghosts. Theoretically, a ghost is the soul of a person who has died and somehow has gotten stuck between two worlds. Normally, they do not know that they are dead and they still live amongst us. A ghost can be perceived by the senses of living people, such as by sight (apparition), hearing (sound, voice) and touch. Many stories have documented that ghosts are real but many
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Answering it, she was confronted with the ghost of Abe Lincoln staring at her from the hallway.

Another true story about a ghost is Room 252. It is a true ghost story at Mount St. Mary’s College. The story has become a part of the school’s history. It is all about President Simon Brute, one of the earliest presidents of the college who died in 1839. The soul of Mr. Brute is seen wearing long black coat and still glides about the campus. People who have seen his ghost describe the same appearance and other features. He usually nods and smiles and moves between places. Room 252 is his room when he was alive so no one is surprised that the room was obsessed by the ghost of Mr. Brute. Several witnesses have said that strange things happen such as the lights and television flashing on and off at random times. Some students who have stayed in room 252 said that the television changed from channel to channel at night by itself. Therefore, these two ghost stories could make us believe that ghosts do exist. According to Radford (2013), a survey worked out by Gallup in 2005 showed that 37 percent of Americans believe in ghost and something like haunted house or fall into trance and about one third of the result believe in ghost. Tens of thousands of people around the globe keen on ghost hunting. A survey

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