People 's Values, Beliefs And Perceptions Shape How They See Issues

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People’s values, beliefs and perceptions shape how they see issues in life. Because of people’s upbringing and culture that they have experienced throughtout their life will determined how they think. Their families, surrounding’s and country can influence someone’s personality which is why there are different groups that have different values and perceptions towards the issue of sex trafficking. These perspectives could be economic, social or cultural. An economic perspective is that they are looking at it for the money and that is why they do it. A social is a perspective on human behavior and its connection to society as a whole. And a cultural perspective is a theory used to describe awareness of circumstances surrounding individuals and how their behaviours are affected by their surroundings.

Gangs are a large group involved in sex trafficking, gangs worldwide apart of sex trafficking have an economic perspective. Gangs are involved in it for the money because it is one of the fastest economic buisness in the United States. Gangs such as, Mara Salvatrucha ,which was declared in 2005 to be the most dangerous gang in the entire globe, they will do anything for money, as he says “ We will do any crime, anytime”. This is showing that they do not care or have respect for anybody’s values because they only see sex trafficking as a money maker, they do not see the victims as ‘young girls’. A gang member says, “We’re talking about money here, millions of dollars and we don’t…

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