People Mover Leadership Analysis

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Based on my reading, I find the People Mover as having the most successful leadership style. Leadership requires the emotional and motivational aspects of goal setting, developing faith and having a commitment to a larger moral purpose, (Turner, 2005). Therefore, the most important objective of a leader is to assist the team to establish a pathway to achieving their goals and aspiration. The People Mover’s key gifts are spotting talent, building careers, motivating and nurturing team members.
I consider the People Mover a successful leader because they are instinctive mentors. Generally, individuals in a team tend to have different personalities and strengths. If you take a look at the leadership styles mentioned in the Leadership Style assessment,
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Theories of transformational and charismatic leadership provide important insights about the nature of effective leadership (Yuki, 1999). I believe the People Mover mostly uses the Charismatic Leadership theory. This theory is focused on Charisma. To comprehend charismatic leadership, it is important to understand that it is an attribution that is based on the perceptions of the followers (Conger, 2015). There are sets of behaviours that distinguish this particular style of leadership. Charismatic leadership has been observed in some of the most influential and exemplary leaders in history. A charismatic leader causes profound transformational effects upon followers. This theory shows the argument that charismatic leadership has its effects by strongly engaging followers ' self-concepts in the interest of the mission articulated by the leader (Shamir et al., …show more content…
I am also a little of an Advocate and an Experienced guide.
I believe my leadership style is somewhat similar to that of leaders such as Nelson Mandela in that I scores 25 out of 25 as a People Mover. This means that I have the potential to be a nurturing, sensitive and motivating, all of which are essential for a charismatic leader.
Nelson Mandela helped to bring about a revolution through democratic and peaceful means which went beyond the calling of a people to a higher mission or the emancipation of a polity from an authoritarian and discriminatory regime. He accomplished the rare feat of bringing about systemic revolution through a peaceful means (Glad & Blanton, 1997). From this recollection, I believe Nelson Mandela was a very brave, patient and tolerant man. These are traits that are vital for a successful leader and I have to also develop these traits if I hope to be a

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