People Lazy Essay

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What makes people lazy?
Laziness or indolence can be found in every person. Due to laziness, people constantly postpone important things for later. They become disorganized and spend more time on entertainment than on work. It has become a costly problem for people; therefore, they decide to find ways to overcome laziness. Today we have much information about how to eradicate laziness; unfortunately, this information is useless in most cases. To overcome laziness a person needs to put in some efforts; that is not compatible with indolence. Even when a person understands that laziness causes problems his laziness will persist. So why are people still so lazy? Laziness bothers me because I’m a fellow sufferer, and I’d like to know why people
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I like to read some useless information in social networks or play video games. It is stealing my time and I can’t force myself to do more useful things like reading a book or learning English. I can’t fall asleep before I finish level in my cell phone game and I always have time for this no matter what. All these distractions doesn’t let concentrate on work. People say: “Laziness - the engine of progress”. I agree with that. All new technologies people make designed to simplify life, but they also make them lazy. I saw a photo on the internet where a man hanging out his hand out of the car’s window and holding the leash. Poor dog just running along with the car. This man so used to his car, he even can 't walk the dog without it. Nowadays a car is the best friend of a human, not a dog. I believe that technological progress helps to develop laziness. Progress is the most obvious reason wny people are lazy …show more content…
“I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I don’t feel like doing it now”, “I don’t have time”, “I’ll start it from Monday”. We all have said those phrases at least once in our lives. With these words, people trying to justify their laziness. The real reason they are hiding behind those words it is fear of difficulties. My fear of difficulties reveals when I try to do my homework for English Composition. It is so hard for me so I am always trying to postpone my work. I reassure myself that I still have enough time. I can start writing an essay tomorrow and today I just relax and watch a movie. But tomorrow comes and I come up with new reasons to postpone the writing. Another good example is overweight people. Most of them too lazy to spend time on cooking, so they eat a fast food. As we all know fast food is very unhealthy and it makes people gain weight. One of the most effective ways to overcome the extra weight is exercise. But overweight people too scared to start exercising, because it is too hard. It takes much time and effort. As a result, some smart people decided to make money out of victims of laziness. They have created diet pills. In the commercial they describing it like one pill will take away all your problems. No, it is not. People just created another excuse of being lazy. I think it will be sound something like this: “I’m trying to lose weight, but those damn pills not working! This is not my fault!” This is what happens when people trying to find an easy

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