People Are Basically Selfish Analysis

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Is it right to say that people are basically selfish?
Nanako Tajima

Babies are obviously selfish. They ask for people to get whatever they want whenever they need. They do not care about others at all. However, they are treated as an angle though what they do is like an evil because we have an understanding that it cannot be helped that babies cry to get attentions. In another word, we unconsciously accept babies’ selfishness. People are born to be selfish and it does not change even we grow up. Therefore I think it is true that people are basically selfish. First of all, people intentionally think of themselves first and put them before others. The British philosopher, Richard Dawkins advocates “The Selfish Genes” and it explains how selfish
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I think it is the fact that they get results that some people are helped by them. In my opinion, to volunteer is to satisfy your desire but that desire saves people after all. It is a reason why they are admired. Also, in general, people think that volunteering is sometimes tiring and they cannot figure out the point to do. However, there are people who are willing to do this kind of troublesome work and then, they are admired because they do what some people do not prefer to do. In my case, I do volunteer for myself, not others. Some people think that volunteering for myself is such a dishonest motive but I think doing something good such as volunteering can enrich your life. There are four reasons why I volunteer for myself. First, I want to satisfy myself by doing something good. As I mentioned above, I can have satisfaction whenever I help people and I want to have it more. Secondly, I want to gain my experience. Volunteering is not easy. It sometimes makes me feel so stressful because it tells me how helpless I am. However, I know these stressful days make me grow up. Thirdly, by belonging to a volunteer team, I can meet a lot of people and make more friends. It is one of the best ways to expand friendship. Finally, this is the biggest reason why I volunteer. If I do something nice, I feel like to be accepted by society. It is sort of satisfaction and achievement. From these ideas, you can know …show more content…
Animals cannot do and they are like babies so they do whatever they want and do not care about others. However, human except for babies has rations and we can think rationally. We actually do not need to hide our selfishness, but we do not want others to think that we are selfish because the word “Selfish” is perceived negatively. However, there is the way to think it positively. For example, at the negotiation, we have to insist our desire strongly and should not accept others easily. From this point, it is good to think about own merit first because selfishness stick us at where we are supposed to be. Therefore, we do not need to be ashamed to be selfish, but it sometimes makes people feel bad and they do not like to hang out with selfish people. We can control our selfishness so we should use this ability to adapt to the

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