Penny Lane Center Case Study

Penny Lane Centers is a leading social services agency in Los Angeles County. The agency’s mission is: “to foster hopes and dreams by empowering children, youth and families to reach their highest potential”. The non-profit’s target population are needy families, families who are at risk of separation due to child neglect and/or other forms of child abuse, and children who have been detained and are in the Los Angeles child welfare system. Services are also provided to veterans and children who have emancipated from the foster care system. Programs and services include and not limited to a foster family agency, residential group home, outpatient mental health, family preservation, wraparound and veteran services. In addition, Penny lane Centers also provides transitional and permanent support housing for individuals and families. The current paper reviews the home inspection agency policy which is implemented in the foster family agency (FFA) …show more content…
Her role in the organization is to find families who are interested in opening their home to children in need of a temporary or permanent placement. Once she finds a family who is interested, she provides the training and follows them until certification. There are many steps involved in reaching certification, including passing all Title 22 building and grounds regulations specified by California Community Care licensing agency (CCL). Title 22 regulations provide a clear outline in regards to the requirements pertaining to the physical structure of the foster home. To assist all foster adoptive families in understanding the title 22 regulations, Penny Lane Centers created the Home Inspection Policy. The goal of the stated policy is to assure that all children are safe in the home environment. Families are provided with detailed home guidelines which they are to follow; to sustain and protect the child’s personal rights throughout their stay in the foster family

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