Pen Banned Books Week Google Hangout On The Air With Sherman Alexie

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In the YouTube video called “PEN Banned Books Week Google Hangout on the Air with Sherman Alexie,” PEN representative Deji Olukotun and American Library Association Office Director Barbara Jones interview Sherman Alexie. This video highlights authors whose books have been banned; therefore, Sherman Alexie is a guest for this interview. Olukotun and Jones ask him a series of questions about his novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In the interview, there are three intriguing questions: Do people feel uncomfortable discussing and dealing with Native American issues? Does the controversy surrounding your works change the way you write? What is your goal for writing YA books? Alexie’s response to the first question surprised me because most people are uncomfortable with discussing the issues of other minorities. For example, if a person is Irish-American, he or she may feel uncomfortable and unqualified to discuss the issues of a Native American or African American because he or she does not identify with the minority. On the other hand, Alexie’s viewpoint on the subject is not what I expected. As for the second and third questions, I admire his responses. Furthermore, this interview was insightful and provides interesting ideas for several reasons.
Barbara Jones asks, “Do people feel uncomfortable discussing and dealing with Native American issues?” In Google Hangout with Sherman Alexie, Alexie provides this example: A kid brings the novel, The Absolutely…

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