Pediatrics Personal Statement

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It was just another day in the pediatric ward -- the second-year postgraduate student and I were scurrying around the 80-year-old building, monitoring patients. I felt some fleshy thing under my foot. Was it the rat that we saw earlier? I looked down to investigate. It turned out to be the leg of a patient 's relative, sleeping on the floor next to a child with meningitis. I apologized her as I squeezed my leg between her and our typhoid patient, who lay on a mat next to her, in the overcrowded ward. There were patients everywhere. But each one was getting the best possible care and that was my only concern. Just as I came back to measure the oxygen saturation of an asthmatic in the intensive unit, a group of 15-20 people rushed into the ward. …show more content…
Though helping patients of all ages has been a passion, I have always been happiest around children. Be it as a motivational speaker to high school students, as a teacher to kids at the Tamil school or teaching Carnatic music to youngsters, every experience has reinforced my love of spending time with children and helping them. The prospect of incorporating my medical knowledge and training into something I was passionate about was the key in determining Pediatrics as the next chapter in my journey. The medical training that I received in India has shaped me into a confident, self- reliant and patient- oriented physician and the US clinical experience from the different rotations across the USA have given me an insight into the wonderful health system here and about the emphasis given to preventive …show more content…
I would also like to explore research and teaching if opportunities present. I would like to train and practice as an evidence- based clinician and to improve myself constantly by challenging myself every day. I believe that being a part of your residency program will provide me all these opportunities and help me to contribute meaningfully to the community around me. Being responsible for someone else’s life, is a great honor and I would like to embrace it gracefully, being committed to my profession while also maintaining a good work- life

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