Pedagogy Of The Oppressed By Paulo Freire Essay

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Paulo Freire wrote a book about education, called Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which was first published in 1968. I recently read an excerpt from the book, and I got to learn about Freire’s view of the education, and styles of teaching. In the book he has a lot of great ideas about how teaching and education can be improved.
In the first paragraph Freire focuses his attention on co-intentional education. The teachers (leadership) and the students (people), being co-intent on reality. Co-intentional education means the teachers and students are simultaneously both the teachers and the learners. Co-intent on reality is learning through experience. It is attaining knowledge through action and reflection. Freire believes that the student learns more when they learn through real life situations, as well as being taught by a teacher. I know that this is true because when I learn through experience I learn way more than I do when someone feeds me a bunch of information. For example, when you were a kid, if someone told you, “go to bed early, or you will be tired tomorrow.” Did you believe them? Of course not, you had to stay up way too late and suffer the next day at least once to really understand what they meant. That is where the attaining knowledge through action and reflection comes into to play.
Next Freire turns his attention to the relationship between the teacher and his students. Freire called the teachers of his time the narrators and the students the patient, listening…

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