Significance Of The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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How significant was the attack on Pearl Harbor in the US. decision to enter World War Two? This has been a question that many historians have asked and tried to answer. The attack on pearl harbor was a major event and affected the US in many ways. Before and during the attack on pearl harbor WWII was already ongoing but the US was not directly involved in the war. Japan and the US were having a tense relationship at this time as the US did not approve of some of the actions being taken by Japan. Some of the actions approved by the US was Japan's seizure of Manchuria, and Japan's invasion of China. America had a complex relationship with countries around the world and also had a complex domestic situation while WW2 was ongoing, including Japan, …show more content…
Japan was an empire that wanted and desired to expand and be a great empire, hence they invaded Manchuria even though they were going against policies of the League of Nations. Japan also had limited natural resources. Their natural resources normally came via their imports from the US. However, as a result of the Japanese expansion, “ the U.S. began to embargo supplies of oil, steel, and scrap iron”( Attack on Pearl Harbor). “The embargo created a dilemma for Japan” as they were reliant on the natural resources that came from the US to support their war efforts. Japan decided that they needed to conquer the resource-rich territories and they thought that attacking the US would have a great impact. In order for Japan's attack to be effective, they needed to provide a fatal blow and the place they thought of was the Pearl Harbor. The attack on pearl harbor was the main tipping point of the US entry into WW2 as the US did not declare war on any other country but Japan subsequent to the results of the attack on pearl harbor. Because the US declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy declared war on the US and the US had to fight back, that was really how the US got involved in WW2. Even if the US had plans to enter the war prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, their decision to enter the war was definitely excited by the attack on pearl

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