Patriarchy Is A Social Construct Rather Than An Innate Biological Force

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Currently there exists a dwindling social system that people still follow today; many whom follow it without knowing what that system is or even what it is called. That system is Patriarchy. Patriarchy is defined as: a family, group, or government controlled by a man or a group of men, and/or, a social system in which family members are related to each other through their fathers . Common examples of patriarchal based beliefs creep up in statements such as “Men are the head of household” Or “Men should be the breadwinner”. This paper will examine the origin of patriarchy in ancient history to negate a popular claim that patriarchy is an inevitable biological event that will always naturally occur in humanity. This is accomplished by looking at the existence of male and female equality in ancient history with Egypt, Greek, and Mayan societies holding evidence that supports why patriarchy is a social construct rather than an innate biological force. Examining the differences between these societal structures leads one to find that egalitarian societies are more productive and just, leaving patriarchy as a thing of the past.

For thousands of years, it was commonly thought men had dominion over women from the birth of humanity. To determine the origin of patriarchy we must look at the start of humanity itself. There is an early record marking the start of humankind when humans lived before the existence of cities and civilizations, and even before the…

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