Patriarchism In Paradise Lost

Thy equal fear that my firm faith and love Can by his fraud be shaken or seduced; Thoughts, which how found they harbour in thy breast Adam, misthought of her to thee so dear? (9. 286-89)
In this passage, Eve expresses disappointment in Adam’s reasoning concerning her liability of being enticed by the devil. Eve is saddened that Adam, despite being close to her, believes that she would compromise her love and faith in Adam for the evil. Adam has little conviction in Eve and her mental strength – he believes that Eve is only safe from temptation if he is around her. This shows the patriarchal hierarchies which influence Adam’s reasoning.
Lastly, Adam expresses affection towards Eve in a way that she does not want or is not
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First, Eve’s agency is illustrated when she takes the bite of the fruit from the forbidden tree. This signifies Eve’s free will, who despite Adam’s constant interference, develops a mind of her own. In Al-Badarneh’s view, “this kind of presenting Eve with such strong personality subverts the patriarchal discourse of hierarchy and places Eve on the same level as Adam’s” (108). Basically, here the argument is not about what is right and wrong, rather it is about Eve’s strength to act out against the oppression by Adam. To be precise, the bite from the fruit symbolizes a form of rebellion and awakening of Eve. Moreover, Eve’s ability to entice Adam to eat the fruit also represents her supremacy over him. When God question Adam about the sin he has committed, Adam …show more content…
(10. 140-43)
Adam is aware of the consequences of eating from the forbidden tree, yet he blames Eve for the act. Additionally, Scholar Pruitt claims that Adam, “offers no real resistance (Milton gives no indication of hesitation or serious deliberation on his part…) and succumbs with surprising rapidity” (153). This indicated Adam’s ability to be emotionally vulnerable in comparison to Eve – he shows no signs of resistance and complies with Eve’s demands readily. The above points illustrate the control which Eve has over Adam – she has emotional and intellectual power over

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