Patient Centeredness Case Study

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Patient-Centeredness Patient-centeredness gives the patient the ability to be involved in their care. It allows them to be a part of the decision making process. This was seen while taking care of a senior student. She came in with complaints of pain to her lower back and her sides. She has a history of kidney stones and is to see a specialist in a few weeks. She requested Tylenol for pain. The student was able to consent for herself since she was 18 years of age. Ms. Johnson asked her if she would like to go home. The student decided it is in her best interest to stay so she can continue to study for her finals. The student was allowed to be part of her health care decisions. Her care was patient-centered.
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It consists of assessment, diagnosing, prioritizing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care by gathering subjective and objective data in order to identify the patient’s needs. Ms. Johnson had a student come into her office with complaints of a burning sensation on her hand. Upon visual assessment the student’s hand was noted to have a trace of edema, chaffed skin, and redness. The student reported it burns and feels really warm when she touches it. Ms. Johnson asked her if she had used any new lotions or hand sanitizers on her hand. The student reported she had noticed she had really dry skin and used some lotion from Bath and Body Works to give it moisture. Ms. Johnson diagnosed the student with having an allergic reaction related to perfumed lotion on dry skin. Priority was to remove the irritant from the student’s hand and to provide relief of the allergic reaction. She made a plan of how to treat the irritated skin. After cleaning the lotion, irritant, from her hand her next goal was to treat the allergic reaction. Ms. Johnson implemented care by telling the student to wash her hands to remove the lotion. Then she applied Benadryl cream to the student’s hand to calm the allergic reaction. She also provided the student with an ice pack to calm the burning sensation. She told the student to come back if increased pain, redness, or swelling occurred. She told her to stay away from …show more content…
Leaders manage other team members by giving them tasks within their scope. As a school nurse there is not leaders or management to look over the school nurse. They are the ones in charge of the students’ health care needs. They are to ensure the care given to the students’. At Batesville Junior and Senior High Schools, the secretaries assist the school nurse. They are trained to give medication in the absence of the school nurse. The school nurse carries the responsibility to ensure that the secretaries are capable of providing such care.the responsibility to ensure that the secretaries are capable of providing such care. The school nurse is the one that makes the final decisions for the students as seen fit. She is also in charge of ensuring each student has appropriate vaccinations, current health assessments by a physician, and they make care plans for each student with a medical

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