Essay on Parole Board On Charles Manson

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Parole is not setting free those found guilty of a felony. It is simply a release before the set time of an entire sentence. Yet still, the parolee remains under supervision just to balance the sentence and must typically abide by the parole conditions or the expected behaviors (Andrew, 2005). Nonetheless, since it is not the judges or prison officials who grant parole, parole boards must consider a myriad of issues before granting or rejecting parole. Typical in every state, the board is expected by law to consider a prisoners release request by examining: 1) the seriousness of the committed offense and if any parole recommendations were granted by the sentencing judge, 2) has the prisoner been abiding to prison regulations during his/ her time of incarceration? 3) the chances of the prisoner being able to successfully reintegrate in the society, and 4) whether any victims have expressed strong apprehension or concern with regard to the parole (James, 1972). This report will outline the basis as to why Mr. Charles Manson should be granted parole.
First and foremost, Mr. Manson has already served 44 years in prison part of his sentence. During this time, he has adjusted positively in the correctional facility and he has never had any recent record of indiscipline problems. Since his last review, Mr. Manson has maintained high levels of institutional adjustment despite his health condition reporting no demotion in classification, loss…

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