Essay on Parents ' Influence On Child Development

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If there’s one person your tot looks up to and relies on for every little thing, it’s you. Be it their food, clothes, books, games, music or even very crucial matters like developmental milestones and character traits, the child has you and your spouse as his/her benchmark. Well we’re not trying to put additional pressure on you by telling you this because we know that you’re already aware of it, but we just want to remind you of the fact that kids are influenced by parents in a big way, especially at this stage when they are impressionable. Here’s how:
1. You determine their tastes
You, as a parent, are the child’s primary point of contact on every issue. Be it ‘I’m hungry’ to ‘Who’s at the door?’, parents’ influence in child development is huge. You play a role in virtually everything that concerns a child, from the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the sort of music they listen to and later in life, the people they date, their scores in school, how they react to orders or respect authority and so on. In short, for the first few years of his/her life, what you do or say will more or less influence your child and determine his/her behaviour and outlook on life. Your child is likely to form the same likes and dislikes as you, by just watching you.
Keep in mind: The sort of language you use. For instance, even if you think s/he’s too young to take notice, you’ll be surprised to know that children pick up swear words the fastest. Though it might sound childish and sweet to…

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