Change Children Life Research Paper

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Change Children Life’s
Sitting down watching television the news comes up and the information shows that a child shot themselves. It appears that the parents had a gun in their house and the gun was hidden but the child found it. The people’s reaction was that there shouldn’t have to be a gun in the house so anything bad cannot happen. These stories are touching because a child being shot by someone in their family and could also shoot themselves is a horrible story to hear and even see. Children being around gun are very dangerous because they can think that having a gun is good but is bad. The children do find out at a certain point that a gun is a bad weapon and that
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By having the stories of young children killing themselves and at someone in their family is not good. The children can suffer of gun violence they can think that it is good to have a gun at home just because their parents have one. Parents need to be aware that gun is not a good weapon to have, even though you think it is going to be in a safe place. The children are very smart and they would look until they find something that caught their eyes. Please keep in mind that the stories are told something in which it needs to be heard and see from the news. It would alert a lot of parents on gun safety. The children should be taught every bad thing that is happening in the world because they are aware of every little thing in which the parents don’t know. Gun safety is a topic where a lot of parents don’t know how to handle because they have a gun for their own protection and they don’t want to throw it or even feel that they might get in trouble because they own a gun. But there are some places that take gun and give something that shows you that you don’t have a gun in your property. The guns need to be away from children so no worse tragedies

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