Essay on Parents And Parents Influence On Children

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Parents influence their children in ways not intended; either they be positively or negatively. Parents undergo challenges when raising their children due to the great responsibilities they partake in. These responsibilities define parenthood and the steps required to succeed at becoming a parent. Parent-child relationships are determined by the rewarding, punishing, and teaching techniques practiced by parents. Throughout raising a child, parents form a special, one of a kind relationship. Different types of parents develop various types of relationships with different types of characteristics. The four main types of parent-child relationships include those who have a devoted relationship, spoiled relationship, dispassionate relationship, and a cold relationship. The most desired relationship parents wish for is a devoted relationship. In this relationship, parents and their children form a close bond. Parents still attain the respect and authority they necessitate in this form of relationship. Parents and their children act as friends who can share thoughts, opinions, and emotions without any feeling of discomfort. In this relationship, parents are constantly teaching their children every day in an encouraging manner. As a result, punishments are very trifling and only when sincerely deserved are they handed out. Different is the rewarding system where parents munificently reward for the littlest of deeds. Parents who indulge in this dedicated relationship…

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