Parenting Styles Differ From Person With The Similar Goal Essay

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Parenting Styles Parenting styles differ from person to person with the similar goal to raise a child. Whether or not a person’s unique set of behaviors for raising a child is the correct way or not can be debated. Even though everyone has different ideas about how parenting should be done, there are four major parenting styles. These styles include authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved. There are several consequences unique to each style, most of which are negative, especially with considering the last three. The type of parenting style people decide to raise their kid by will not only affect their child in the present, but for the rest of their lives. The first parenting style is known as the authoritative style. This type of parenting is the most ideal, as it leaves room for love and affection, yet also has rules and structure. The children are taught to live by the rules, but exceptions occasionally allowed. For example, if a child is told to do her homework every day after school, the child must do it every day after. There is the chance that if it is a special occasion, like her birthday, then she could wait until after dinner to complete her homework and play a fun game after school instead. These parents understand that children are children and need to be treated as so. Parents will keep an open mind to how their child feels in relation to certain situations. They will make decisions considering the feelings of their children…

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