What Kind Of Parent Are You Essay

What kind of Parent Are You?
What type of parenting style is preached in your house? Every household is different when it comes to parenting styles. There is never a child that is ever raised the same. There are several different parenting styles; one is type of parenting style is always going to be more successful then the others. Parenting is a huge role in the child’s life while growing up. The way the child is parented shows how well or poorly he or she was disciplined. The three most common parenting styles you hear about are authoritative, permissive, and also authoritarian.
Authoritative parenting tends to be the most successful. This is the kind of parenting every child should go through. Authoritative parenting is the healthiest parenting
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They want what’s best for their children and want them to be happy, but if need to be they will be a parent that is not afraid to say no.
Permissive parenting also known as, indulgent parenting can be very harmful to the child. This is your parenting style that every kid wishes they had as a parent, because there are no rules or boundaries set for him or her.
This is a harmful parenting style to the children, because the kids are getting the lack of discipline. Kids that grow up in a home like this tend to have really poor social skills, they can be self-centered or demanding towards other, and also feel very insecure about themselves due to the lack of guidance.
Permissive parenting is when, you to get the kids that don’t take direction very easily, because they are not use to all the demands given to them. They have a very hard time with authority, because they are not use to being told what to do. Permissive parent like to be their children’s best friend more than a parent so they are more loving and nurturing toward them as id they were

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