Essay about Parental Participation : An Integral Part Of Education

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In Quebec, parental participation in their child’s education is a fairly recent development (Deslandes, 1999). Having only originated in the 1970’s, it is astonishing that its current prevalence has become commonplace (Pronovost & Legault, 2010). As a general rule, parental involvement has become institutionalized, concretized as an integral part of education where parents are expected to assist in the education process (Humblet & Vandenbroeck, 2007). On one hand, this represents a intermingling of previously separate spheres: education and family. The flipside however, is that it signifies a penetration of school life into what was previously known as the family, convoluting parents’ values with those the school espouses. Where parents once chose the aspects of their children’s lives they wished to participate in, they are now involved in promoting the school’s agenda, championing those facets that the school requires them to. This institutionalization of parenting roles is what is sometimes referred to as pedagogicalization, and implies a stagnant approach to parental involvement so far as education is concerned (Popkewitz, 2003). Parental involvement is influential in nature, and thus, an area to be addressed. Using the term involvement is broadly understood as signifying the resources that parents invest in their child’s learning (Jeynes, 2005). By contributing to their children’s learning experience, parents are impacting them and their education in a significant…

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