Parent Methods And School Environments Essay

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Parent Methods and Early School Environments
Two variables that have not yet been examined when it comes to child development, toys, and gender roles are parenting methods and school environments. How does a parent choose what their child will play with, and how does this tie into the associations made with gender? In her book, The Gender Trap, Emily Kane discusses the issue of parents falling into the “gender trap,” something she coins to be “a set of expectations and structures that inhibit social change and stall many parents’ best intentions for loosening the limits that gender can impose upon us,” (3). By examining this trap, I will discuss the parents’ role in the choosing what toys are deemed suitable for their children, and in what context gender can be limiting. First, to understand how expectations and structures are inhibiting social change, one must define social change. In relation to gender and gender roles, social change would be the transcendence of traditional gender roles in both the workplace and in the home, for which evidence is already appearing, though slowly. Kane is making a claim that the gender trap inhibits this social change from being what it could be -- men and women completely free of gender roles. In Kane’s definition, she argues that there are expectations and structures set up to stop social change, and I would further argue that these expectations and structures directly relate to gendered toys. Toys that demand children to associate…

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