Parent Involvement : The Educational Foundation Of Students Essay

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Parent involvement is imperative to the educational foundation of students. Despite this, there continues to be a lack of parental involvement in student education (Aud & KewalRamani 2010). This lack of involvement has a direct impact on student performance inside and outside of academic settings (Aud & KewalRamani 2010). Further, it impacts the development and achievement of students throughout their lives (Aud & KewalRamani 2010). Because of the severity of the impact, educational institutions are searching for methods and strategies in which to improve involvement (Fan and Williams 2010). Research indicates that children learn more when their parents are directly involved in their education (Hoover-Dempsey, Walker, Sandler, Whetsel, Green, Wilkins and Closson, (2005). According to Epstein, students with involved parents perform better in school, while students with uninvolved parents struggle (2001). Thus, parent involvement continues to be a significant factor that influences academic achievement and educational development (Aud and KewalRamani 2010). The lack of involvement negatively impacts student academic achievement inside and outside of the classroom (Aud and KewalRamani 2010). Although, there are a plethora of articles on the subject, there are few in-depth investigations that determine the overall impact parental involvement has on student achievement. There is a lack of emphasis placed on how parental involvement is important, help and/or hurt…

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