Essay Parent Child Relationships And Child Relationship

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Parent child relationships are important to both child and adult. Parents influence the characteristics of the child and the way in which they grow and learn. As for the parents they have an opportunity to expand their family and perhaps share and pass down their own knowledge of their own flesh and blood. It has been said that nothing can come in between a parent child relationship, you cannot erase the presence of either or, although events in life can definitely have a possibility of altering the aforementioned relationship. Alternations in the dynamics of the parent child relationship can have both positive and negative effects on the two parties. Some effects can be destructive or a healthy build, it all depends on the people involved. “We are the product of our surroundings,” someone has once said and from analyzing different texts we can conclude that there is truth behind the saying. In class we have discussed several written works with the theme specifically focusing on the parent child relationship aspect. Some have had a good outcome while others tend to lean on the destructive spectrum. The time period and setting in which these stories happen do affect the direction of the relationships between characters.
In A Member of a wedding, while Frankie and her father’s relationship might not be destructive compared to others, it is lacking in certain departments. Frankie is a young twelve year old girl on the verge of personal awakening and who is beginning to…

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