Paragraph About True Friends

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A true friend is a person that is mutually supportive of you. To me, true friends are so much more. They’re people who are there for you when no one else is. The people who have seen you at your best and at your absolute worst, and are still there for you when you need them. They’re the people you call when you’re in trouble or just when you need advice about whatever is happening. True friends are important to have throughout your life because nothing’s better than having a constant support system.
One of my true friends is my cousin, Candace. I know that you can’t pick your family and most of the time you’re forced to like your relatives, but for me it’s a different story. I don’t remember being such good friends with her when we were little,
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The first big get together we had was on Labor Day at my dad’s house and of course Candace was there. She’s two years younger than me, but there’s no one else around my age other than my brother. We were basically forced to hang out with each other, but that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Candace has been there for me through the divorce and everything in my life that has followed. She is one person in my life that I constantly confide in. I always run to her for advice on everything, I know that she would never steer me in the wrong direction. Candace is always there for me, even in the bad times. Last August me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up and that was really hard for me. Candace was one of the first people who knew what happened and she was constantly helping me feel better and giving me advice on how to handle …show more content…
He’s a year older than me and we’ve gone to school together ever since fifth grade. He was always good friends with my brother, Cody, who’s three years older than I am. I think the main reason Austin and I are friends now is because he and his girlfriend broke up not too long before this summer started. He knew I went through something similar not too long ago and he came to me with his problems. From then on, we would always get together and talk about what was going on in our lives. We hung out during the summer all the time. He’d pick up at midnight and we’d go drive around and talk or go to Lincoln to get some food. No matter what we were always together. Austin is the type of person I could call at 2am and be in trouble, and without even thinking he’d come to help me. Austin’s the type of person who’s down for anything. We made so many midnight trips this summer that I can’t count them all. That’s what true friends are suppose to be like. They’re the people who are willing to help you out when no one else would and they’re the people who are down for anything, as long as you’re together having a good time. Even after I moved to college things haven’t changed. We still text each other every day with updates on our lives and how things are going. I came home this weekend and we went to my brother’s house together and nothing has changed between

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