Paradise Road Letter Essay

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Writing Task 1
Conflicts can be resolved when people find common ground- the universal language of music creates awareness of the humanity and decency of the ‘enemy.’
To Adrienne,
I am writing to you to show my appreciation for you and your women for displaying such a wonderful talent of singing. Music for me is something that I desire, its soothing for my heart. The music you produced is very heart warming and beautiful. I kindly ask you to teach me how to sing this music one day if you want. I also want to state that I and my men express our deep apology for treating you and your women unacceptably and kindly ask you for your forgiveness. We are very sorry for what we have caused for you and your women. Please forgive us. Let
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There’s nothing else that makes my soul go into relief than this soothing tunes. What really impressed me about you and the women is your willingness to survive, no matter what we have brought upon you whether it be the abuse and harsh treatment, you still had that inner strength and hope to keep on surviving. We truly regret the pain we have caused for you and your women. I want to be good friends with you. I wish you could forgive us.
I just want to express my appreciation again of what a wonderful breath of fresh air you and your women have brought to us. Never before have we felt so touched with this beautiful sound. It was a huge turning point in our lives.
May you live well again and we wish for forgiveness…
Sergeant Tomiashi
Written Explanation:
'I chose to write in a creative style, employing conventions of format and style of a traditional letter. This allows me to express my ideas in a logical order while adopting a sophisticated tone.' 'I have chosen formal language in an attempt to demonstrate a comprehensive and thoughtful piece. Furthermore, my use of first-person perspective aims to add credibility to my argument.' 'My piece is to be published in an anthology for VCE students familiar with the subject matter and texts. As they have familiarity with the concepts I discuss, I intend for readers to depart

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