Paradise Road Creative Essay

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‘We are forged by the experience of conflict’
“Japanese soldiers never attack women” announced Captain Tanaka, the power hungry snake, to poor Adrienne. That man is disgusting but I can’t hate him, I actually feel sorry for him. Although he has now placed Adrienne on death row. I think I had better have a word to Colonel Hirota about this.
“It is death to strike a Japanese officer and Honour is very important to Japanese people!” says the Translator on behalf of Colonel Hirota. Now Susan’s having a go at Hirota. That’s one strong courageous woman, those Australians breed them tough. Ha! And even Sister Wilhelmina’s joined in. That part where she says “…and nuns never tell lies.” is fantastic. But before one of us can say
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Values and morals can undergo complete transformation, causing individuals to act irrevocably as a response to the conflict in their lives. There will always be opposition in life and in events occurring around you. Within the movie of Paradise Road, there are several instances where individuals have had to reassess their values and morals. Susan Macathy was horrified when she caught Dr Verstak in the act of removing fillings from dead people’s teeth. Though she soon came to realise that those little pieces of gold and silver were buying the camps medical supplies, she was awakened to the necessities and soon her morals changed. It is said that conflict builds character but it’s the response to the stimulus that ultimately shows one’s personal standards. An individual’s values ultimately affect the response to a disagreement. Encountering conflict can reshape ones beliefs and principles and in the case of Rosemary Leighton-Jones, it can break a person which can lead to death, despair and defeat. Rosemary caught sight of her loving husband heading towards death row as a result of trying to break out of a Japanese war camp, which broke her spirit and lead to her death.
While conflict inevitably leads to personal change and growth, it is when conflict truly threatens a crisis, which one may leave behind who they once were, in order to survive. This often occurs when the threat of death is most imminent, and when all

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