Paparazzi Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… “I have to yell, “She's a child. Leave my children alone! Leave my child alone!'” says Halle Berry. “We get into the car and my daughter is now sobbing saying to me, 'Are they going to kill us? Are they going to kill us?'”. These children learn very quickly that they very rarely will have privacy, and this causes many to always be self cautious. (Sheila, 15) For example, while Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise had her third birthday party at her house she was interrupted by a paparazzi-loaded helicopter, attempting to get photos of the private event. (Sheila, …show more content…
We have all at least once thought of being a well-known person. We think of them as being perfect which is actually rather normal. In fact, this is the way it is designed in a person's DNA. “What's in our DNA as a social animal, is the interest in looking at the alpha males and females; the ones who are important in the pack,” says Fiscoff. “We are socially programed to follow the leader.”(Coeli 'Star Struck') This mindset can occasionally benefit the average human being. They will admire the celebrity and yearn to be like them. For example, someone might want to be a more social person. Sometimes imitating a few quirks of a certain celebrity's personality can help an individual get in that type of mindset. ('Obsession With Celebrities') Some can handle the DNA impact and lead normal lives, but there are others who suffer self- esteem issues and depression because they practically stalk them. This is called Celebrity Worship Disorder. (Coeli 'Star Struck') In a study of 600 people psychologists found that 1/3 of them have Celebrity Worship Disorder. These feverish fans and the number one reason why the paparazzi industry is so successful. They are known to love magazines with 'celebrity secrets' and are all over their books diets, cosmetics, foods, jewelry, and clothes that their beloved celebrities supposedly

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