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Procter & Gamble creates a collaborative community
Teamcenter lifecycle collaboration technology offers a quick, cost-effective way to extend the reach of product knowledge to the consumer product giant’s entire enterprise and huge supplier base
Siemens PLM Software Issues:
Support innovation among geographically dispersed development teams Speed time-to-market and reduce costs Provide virtual 3D design reviews

P RO C T E R & G A M B L E
To optimize the effectiveness of distributed product development teams, Procter & Gamble needed a collaborative strategy that included everyone.

A geographically dispersed giant
Procter & Gamble (P&G) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer
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This Microsoft SharePoint-based technology leveraged P&G’s existing Microsoft-based IT infrastructure, making it possible to deploy the solution easily and cost effectively. Teamcenter provided P&G with capabilities specifically tailored to product-related team collaboration, including robust visualization capabilities for visual collaboration in a CAD-neutral format. It also brought P&G a rich set of real-time collaboration services, including calendars, schedules, workflow, virtual meeting sites, instant messaging and virtual conferencing.



Client’s primary business
Procter & Gamble is a multi-national manufacturer of family, personal and household care products.

Client location
Cincinnati, Ohio United States

By implementing Teamcenter as part of the Microsoft environment, P&G provides access to product knowledge (including graphical elements) to employees and suppliers without making them leave the familiar Microsoft work environment.

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