Pancakes Persuasive Speech

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I would like to share to Abraham Lincoln about pancakes because they are the best things to ever eat during morning breakfasts. Why I pick Abraham Lincoln as my person? Well he has shown a lot a democracy to the people in the northern part of the United States, for there he was a great leader of all of the people in that time era. Furthermore, I want to show Abraham this type of food because I like to eat pancakes during the morning wherever we go to eat, so showing this type of food to him will show him of what he is missing part of his breakfast. Maybe he has had pancakes already. I doubt that he ever tries them because pancakes weren’t ever invented during his time. Therefore, I would like to meet Abraham Lincoln in a dinner restaurant. Any kind of restaurant like …show more content…
I ask Abraham Lincoln that if he ever had a chance to become a president again, what would he want to change? Well one I knew he wanted to abolish slavery from the United States. Therefore, it was successful and mostly all the states in the United States where against slavery. However, the second part he wanted to change was people to have the same rights and not to judge anyone that is different from them. Although, some parts agree to abolish slavery, but mostly the southern states didn’t like the idea. So they were agains the people having to share the same stores, and public area causing Abraham Lincoln to also stop the racial in the United States. At that moment, he ask me what would I do to change this country? I told him that I would like people in this country to stop causing racial problems. Meaning, that people need to understand that if you cause a riot, then your going to make the situation more bigger. No one really understands the meaning of cooperating. If they knew what they were doing then this problem would never come in the first place. At that moment, it was almost time for us to head out and

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