Questions For The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Do you find yourself worrying about other people’s feelings? Do you yourself worrying deeply about certain situations more than others? Do you cry or explode about something so small, and think it’s the end of the world? Do you slobber all over your bed and cry until you sleep? If all four questions apply to you, you are sensitive. You are also a very dramatic person, just kidding, you are not dramatic nor that sensitive as the questions above. But if the first two questions actually apply to you, than you are sensitive. The book, “The Giver”, author Lois Lowry, is about a place without color, pain, war, and emotions. In this Utopia there are no problems and the community obeys the laws. There was a boy named Jonas, old elder, and a baby named Gabriel (that was going to get released=killed) with pale eyes, nobody else had pale eyes. Every December they have a ceremony, and different age groups receive something special, but the 12’s receive unpredicted jobs. They call you up by numbers to recieve your age …show more content…
Jonas feels sensitive emotions because the Giver face is filled with pain. On ( page 118) (chapter 15) of the Giver summarizes that Jonas goes into the Annex room where he trains with the Giver, but when he entered the Giver told him to come back tomorrow because he wasn’t feeling good. Then Jonas asks if he could help the Giver’s take the pain away from him. The Giver responds yes and Jonas takes the memory of warfare pain from the Giver. Jonas was showing sensitivity: awareness and understanding towards the Giver's feelings. Jonas felt sensitivity towards the Giver, and wants to be kind and help the Giver get rid of the pain, this was the memory of warfare. The memory of warfare was about young men lying on the floor almost dead, wanting water, and cannons launching big like

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