Pain - Original Writing - Pain Essay

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Pain. The feeling is more than I could bare. A quick intake of breath and my lungs fill with steam. A squeal escapes; it is not much of a noise. My arm covers my face, and I run. I run from our small kitchen to our living room. Dad is on the couch and looks up when I run into the room. The pain is too much to even to make the smallest of noises. I run in my mouth open and top half of me soaking. He rises quickly and pulls me to the stairs and calls for mom.
“Ronae, get down here now.” He says his voice serious. I run my fingers over my face and feel my damp hair pressed against my brow. To me, it feels like my skin has shriveled. Fear fills me. I think how my face has possibly been ruined forever. The thought of it makes me scream. My mom appears at the top of the stairs, her face etched with fear. She heard the seriousness in my dad’s voice. She rushes down the stairs panicking and expecting the worst.
"Be quiet!" My dad yells over the screaming. We quiet down, but I am not completely quiet. I gasp for breath the pain seizing me. Mom regains her composure and turns do Dad to see what needs to be done.
"What happened?" She asks again.
"The espresso machine spewed water and steam on her." He replies as we head for their bathroom. I can 't help them. I am crying and the pain is intensifying. My only thought is how to relieve this searing pain.

I woke up this morning in high spirits. It is Saturday, and I have no school. A day for myself to play to my heart’s content. I am…

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