Pain Management Essay examples

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Pain Management

Joshi, G., & Kehlet, H. (2013). Procedure-specific Pain Management: The Road to Improve Postsurgical Pain Management?. Anesthesiology, 118(4), 780-782.
This article explained that good pain management is known to produce many benefits for the postoperative patient. However, the article goes on to explain that treating postoperative pain is still a major issue with inadequate postoperative patient pain relief remaining high. The article discussed how the Joint Commission declared pain the “fifth vital sign”. And that the Joint Commission has determined not all pain could be eliminated, but that goal-related therapy may be suitable. The article concluded by explaining that there was a need for evidence-based
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The purpose of the authors’ study was also to determine barriers to effective pain management as well as consequences to ineffective pain control. This was achieved by completing a review of recent literature regarding the subject of pain management. The study determined that physicians and patients attitudes and educational barriers as well as limited available therapies lead to inadequate pain management. The authors concluded that studies on the use of multiple analgesics with different mechanisms of action could improve the efficiency as well as adverse effects over the single agent approach.

Schatman, M. E. (2011). The Role of the Health Insurance Industry in Perpetuating Suboptimal Pain Management. Pain Medicine, 12(3), 415-426. This article started by sharing that pain practitioners function according to medical ethics while health care insurers operate under business ethics of cost and profit. The authors believe that the health insurance industry continues to fail at servicing those suffering from chronic pain and instead the industry stays focused on serving itself. The essay focused on the different self-serve strategies used by the health insurance industry including efforts to falsify chronic pain and its treatments. In conclusion the author felt that the future outlook for those with chronic pain was not good until a not-for-profit single

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