POLC78H3: Political Analysis I-Research Article Review

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POLC78H3: Political Analysis I - Research Article Review.
1. What is the author(s) trying to explain? What does the author(s) hypothesize? Summarize the central argument of this article in your own words.
The Authors are trying to explain the linkage between economic inequality and religiosity (Solt, Frederick et al 2011). Meaning there is an important link between a persons economic status and how religious they are. The Authors hypothesize that the more economic inequality the more likely one is to be more religious (Solt,Frederick et al 2011). They link this hypothesis to a plethora of reasons, Relative power theory and Deprivation theory being the two main theories discussed. The authors essentially prove in their findings that their
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What rationale does the author(s) provide for this article or the central hypotheses? Does this rationale originate from previous literature, philosophy, logic or what?
The Rational the author uses for this article is “ Recent work in the sociology of religion has largely neglected the role of economic inequality” Basically that there was a discrepancy when it came to how economic inequality factored in religion. Because of the lack of research on Economic inequality the rational or incentive was present to research, to then provide answers for this topic that previously had not had.
3. What evidence does the author examine to test his/her proposal/hypothesis? Please be specific.
The Authors examines evidence taken from a cross-national survey data on religiosity, in this survey the evidence found was “ The Average importance of God in the lives of a society’s members is correlated with income inequality at 0.69, indicating half the variation across contexts in this variable tracks differences inequality”(Solt,Frederick et al 2011) this evidence essentially proved the authors hypothesis by examining this evidence it tested and proved their
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Evaluate how one article updates or corrects the other. **IMPORTANT SECTION **
15. If the articles are focused on the same question, how are they different? Alternatively, if the articles focus on different questions, why does one cite the other?
The Article focused on similar questions and the first article cited the other because one of the main arguments in the article was about redistribution and the article cited delve deeper into that factor therefore it was cited to be able to back up the hypotheses of the original article (DE La O et al 2 008)
16. How do the research designs and/or data differ?
The research design was pretty similar as both used surveys to find conduct there hypotheses/proposal (World Value Survey) (De La O et al 2008). They also differed in the main proposals the first article the hypothesis was the linkage of economic inequality is connected to how religious are person can be. Whereas in the article cited focused on how religion undermined those with lower

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