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P2: Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses.
What are stake-holders?
Stake-holders are any individuals, organizations and companies’s interested in the business section and are affected by the business activities. Internal stake-holders are groups within the business; On the other hand, External stake-holders are those outside the business, for example, the community.
Internal stake-holders consist of:
Owners: Interested in making profit and are most likely to look in to the topic of how much profit is made with in the business.
Managers: Concerned about gaining and earning a good salary.
Workers: Wanting to keep their jobs and earn high pay.
External Stakeholders are:
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Owner’s judge on how much profit is being made, improving so profit increases which may consider a re-election of directors. Rivals compare the profit and Pressure group research on the environmental policy.
Primary stakeholders are those individuals or groups that are affected either positively or negatively by the actions of the business, institution or organization, the secondary stakeholder are those who are affected indirectly and key stakeholders who can have an affect either positively or negatively but are involved in the business or organization. The director is the key stakeholder alongside the line staff directly working with participants, there are many more, for example, funders, heads of businesses and government etc.
An business takes in to account what all the stakeholders interests hold in, they all link up to become one. Stakeholders generally have an interest based on whether they are affected by decisions taken or not, they all tend to look for what they can benefit in as well as lose within it.

In the two companies decides upon, we have a variety of stakeholders:
Beginning with Subway, The customers want tasty food at reasonable pricing, Subways is expected of having delicious quality food worth spending on from them, not only do they expect but like to see improvements and new products, in this case sandwich’s and ingredients giving better value of money. There are also the

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