Overview For Understanding Research And Research Essay

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Overview for Understanding Research
Research is a systematic structure of inquiry of collecting and analyzing information to investigate an existing situation or resolve a problem utilizing methods to acquire trustworthy knowledge on which to base decisions removing guesswork and intuition and equally, recognizing the fluid nature of information and understanding that any new information acquired is also subject to the same rigorous methodical scrutiny. Research teams are the fundamental social units of knowledge production and according to Corrall et al. (2013), research support generally relies on different factors such as the availability of proper funding, in-house competency to deliver the service, and management support. Organizations should examine the developmental components of research studies and weigh pros and cons when deciding to utilize its internal research and development team or an external research firm to carry out the research process. Even though the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) and RAND Corporation provide similar and impartial research services with contrasting application tools and procedures, their success in resolving issues or concerns does not address whether an organization’s in-house research team or an external research agency is superior.
About the Two Organizations
HumRRO was created in by the Department of the Army to conduct behavioral science research and development in training approaches and applications primarily…

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