Essay about Overpopulation : The Problem Of Overpopulation

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Rachael Meinders
Population Problem Essay
September 30, 2014
Period 6

Overpopulation is a highly debated and controversial idea that states that the carrying capacity of the earth determines the number of people the world can sustain. The carrying capacity is a figured number or limit the world can hold and function with at any time. Earthly features such as the amount of resources, health of the environment, modern technology, basic needs, etc of the people and the land determine the carrying capacity, which always changes. The idea of overpopulation states that when the population exceeds the carrying capacity, the society fails and dies off. There is no definite evidence proving or disproving that carrying capacity exists, but there is a great deal of debate and speculation about all aspects of the idea of overpopulation.
Because overpopulation is merely a theory, there is debate about whether it exists, where the carrying capacity lies, if today’s society will surpass the carrying capacity of the earth, if our generation can stop overpopulation, etc. Possibly the three biggest debates are over whether overpopulation is real, if the earth is beginning to experience overpopulation now, and what the population can do to stop it. There are several factors that point to the beginning stages of overpopulation in today’s world.
One circumstance that suggests the beginning of overpopulation is the increasing population of the world. In the 20th century alone, the population…

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