Overpopulation : The Problem Of Overpopulation Essay

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The problem of overpopulation in developing countries

Overpopulation is one of the biggest problem in India. It is a big global issue that many countries struggle with it. Which affects high birth rate of fatalities in the developing countries like India and China There are several major reason for overpopulation, high birth rate and infant mortality rate is define as the proportion of births to the total overpopulation in a place and given time, and infant mortality rate is defined as number of children dying under a year of age divided by number of live that birth year. High birth rate and lack of education are prevalent in cussing countries. According to Global Population Growth by “Jennifer Weeks”, “in 2015, overpopulation an estimated 1,326,801,576 would have been found to have high birth rate in India, the rate of birth among women ages with more than half (44%) occurring in India and China. An estimated 7% of people with have high birth rate and mortality.” Explain to This data represents those more than 40% cases of high birth rate is happening in developing countries such as India and China. Overpopulation leads to scarcity of resources and economic inflation, also causes problems such as high birth rate and illiteracy.
Overpopulation has a defined effect on India economy inflation, but especially India and china as they lack of the resources such as food shortage, water and transportation needed to number of people. First of all, food shortage, they do not…

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