19th Century: The Issue Of Overpopulation

Overpopulation has been a concern for centuries. In the 18th century, Thomas Malthus has raised the idea of that one day there will be a scarcity of resources (Alton, 2015). Researches shows that 750 years ago, the population remains under 250 million for most of the history. And now, every three year will have 250 million population added to the total population. Through out human history, the death rate have been mostly higher than the birth rate. However, in the 19th century, the invention of medical support have reversed this trend.

In above, I have briefly wrote about the person Thomas Malthus. He is an Anglican clergyman, which had published an essay about the relationship between poverty and population. He have suggested
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Research shows that 57 percent of the world is malnourished, compared to 20 percent of the world in 1950 (Ruthrauff,2011). This is a magnificent increase on malnutrition, which shows us how serious is the issue. Malnutrition relates to overpopulation closely, because when the world is overpopulated, there will be scarcity of resources, such as food, water, and land. Therefore people that is in the lower economic group can’t afford it, as price will increase effectively due to short supply. Eventually, malnutrition will happen effectively around the globe. To address this issue adequately, we as humans should do some work on …show more content…
I realise that regulating the population can cause negative effects like the decrease of the economic growth and less taxes will be given to the government. The decline of the economy can cause the country to have less money for the government to operate.

Prior to research, I believed that overpopulation is caused by the lack of education of people. Where people don’t fully understand the consequence of overpopulation and the effects of it. However, the research shows that it is just part of the truth. There is also other important factors, like lack of family planning been done, poverty, and cultural influences.

Yet after research, the wider picture would be that of scarcity of resources. Being a worldwide concern, scarcity of resources has affected the whole economy. Thousands of people has been malnutrition because of scarcity of capital, water, and food. Furthermore, scarcity of land is also a main concern. The government started the reclamation of land, which will sacrifice ocean creatures and destroy the system. Unfortunately, the research carried out so far is limited and to understand deeper would call for further

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