Overpopulation Is A Global Scale Problem Essay

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In 1798, Reverend Thomas Malthus said that the earth’s population would grow more quickly then we are able to produce resources, such as food (Dimick). He hypothesized that the population would grow geometrically, meaning it would double, while the amount of resources we have would only grow arithmetically (Dimick). What are the leading contributors to overpopulation and lack of resources, and what can country’s do specifically to fix the gap?
Overpopulation is defined as “an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth (Kukreja)”. Since the Bubonic Plague in the 1400’s Earths population has been in a constant rise, and even though there has been a number or wars and other hazards since, they collectively haven’t decreased the world’s population (Kukreja). Overpopulation is a global scale problem. Some of the most common causes of over population in the world are declining death rates, better medical facilities, immigration, and the lack of family planning education (Kukreja). According to many studies done by organizations such as the United Nations, overpopulation is a problem that isn’t going away any time soon. Their projections from last year state that they believe that by 2045, the population could reach 9 billion (Dimick). They believe that the only way that population growth would decline or stop “is not going to happen soon, without rapid fertility declines – or a reduction in the number of…

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