Overpopulation And Its Effects On The World Essay

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The way people live and their culture is dependent on their geography and their resources. We humans are very dependent on the land and its resources. If those start disappearing due to us humans over using them, then we will not only loose our culture but many species of animal’s plants and eventually ourselves. Overpopulation can be debatable if it’s an issue or not an issue, but the evidence that supports that we as a species are stretching Earths resources to the brink. Humans have unlimited wants and Earth has limited resources, that being said as the Human population increases the demand for more resources increases. Humans as a whole have always been burning all sorts of materials as fuel; it was not until the Industrial Revolution that humans have increased their use on fossil fuels. This in turn has caused CO2 to greatly increase; CO2 is a greenhouse gas which will allow more of the Sun’s rays to be trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. Along with this humans also increased the amount of wood we use, cutting down forest after forest. Which has destroyed habitats, the homes of many natural wild life, humans have cause the extinction of 1000 animals and have destroyed over 80% of Earths forests.( Tsiattalos, Everything Connects) The increased C02 has caused higher temperatures and

Lopez 2 the polar ice caps to start melting. If all the ice caps disappear it would increase the sea level, which in turn will cause severe weather and even more droughts. But I am not here…

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