Essay about Overpopulation And Its Effects On Society

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The famous ecologist, Garrett Hardin stated, “If-as seems likely- the rate of population increase falls faster in the ethnic group presently inside the lifeboat than it does among those now outside, the future will turn out to be even worse than mathematics predicts and sharing will be even more suicidal.” This can be interpreted to mean that overpopulation, especially in poorer countries, is damaging to society. Overpopulation can have detrimental effects, therefore, the country of India could benefit from a system similar to that of the One-Child Policy presented in China. India currently is under distress due to their high population. Their overpopulation impacts are worse than China’s. Eighty percent of India’s population is living on less than $2 a day, doubling China’s rate (Singha and Samsur 2). India’s natural resources are becoming more scarce. Beautiful farmland is being turned into expanding cities and there is an increase in drought and starvation (Kuo 5). Overpopulation is leaving no vacancy within hospitals to provide care to its patients, damaging their healthcare systems and causing them to operate ineffectively (Dummer and Cook 593). The implementation of a one-child policy proved helpful for China, therefore, a similar policy would be accommodating for India. Instituting a two-child policy would help to alleviate and counteract the growing problem of overpopulation. The population control policy would be very similar to that of China’s one-
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